This page is for technical execution of the European Congress / July 2, 2020

In case of problem, you can contact us with chat (on the bottom right) or email : or phone : +334 27 83 83 83

User check List

  • Sound :
    • Use headphones and test,
    • Close doors and windows,
    • Use mute function,
    • Print information poster and post it on the door : WARNING VIDEO MEETING IN PROGRESS (see sample below)
  • Technical :
    • Close all other softwares : Outlook/skype/Safari/Chrome/Firefox,
    • Make sure to have laptop battery on 100%, when in WebConference keep the laptop pluged-in
    • If you use a wireless keyboard or mouse make sure to check battery status before
  • Video :
    • Test webcam,
    • Beware of backlight
  • Smartphone
    • Be sure to have smartphone battery on 100%, mute incoming calls and notifications. Get a stable place for webcam placement. Keep the smartphone charger closeby
    • Install Zoom WebConference application,
    • Use 4G , not wifi (in case of Internet Failure)
      • Share screen needed ?
      • If yes, send slides beforehand ? (showing slides by the host ?)
  • Slides
    • If you have some slides for your speech please do not hesistate to send them to us before the event so we can show them for you if your laptop has a problem during the event.


You can download file here